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Importance of communication…it leads to godliness.

Studying through Ephesians as I continue to move through our series “God’s Plan, Our Response”.  Some thoughts on communication…


Eph 4:25-30

Communication in the body (yep believers we are talking about here, not unbelievers) is absolutely essential. And not just any type of communication, but “direct” and “frank”, not deceitful, hidden, implied communication. We are to speak with one another in love, but also speak as if we speak to ourselves, to the point, “we are members of one of another.” Communication draws us close, provides intimacy, sharpens one another, helps spur us on to godly living, and much more.

Vs 25: Falsehood- Stop lying the “lie”. Stop lying to one another.
Vs 26/27: It’s ok to be angry w/ one another, but don’t let it destroy “relationship”, it is called “bitterness”, “lack of trust”, “slander”. Communicate, point out wrong, reconcile through the greater way, LOVE. Get to it quick, because differences/strife plus time and “lack of communication” leads to separation.
Vs 28: Be upfront w/ each other, directly communicate to each other when “sin” is seen or hurt is inflicted. How will a thief know not to steal if no one loves them enough to be frank w/ them and then lead them in godliness.
Vs 29: Let what we say be for building up others or remain silent. The word here implies “rottenness”. If what we say spreads rot it should not be said. This encompasses filthy joking/ conversations, but also slander and gossip. Sometimes the best form of communication is to remain silent when not God honoring.
Vs 30– What we say and our actions should not be contrary to the Spirit/ God that is within us.


Commentary excerpts this morning:

Vs 25: ” “Falsehood” all that belongs to “deceitful scheming” (v. 14) and “deceitful desires” (v. 22) is to be left behind. It has no place in the community of Christ. Because our Lord is himself the truth, his body must reflect the truth. Because each member belongs to the rest, the fellowship of the church will be marked by a refreshing openness. Any kind of deception is a sin against the Spirit. “Speak truthfully to his neighbor” recalls Zechariah 8:16. Paul has meta (with) instead of pros (to), stressing the need for mutual frankness.”

Vs 29: “Anything that injures others and sparks dissension is covered by the expression, “corrupting talk”. ”

Vs 30: “Any kind of careless, unbecoming talk pains the Spirit, since it is incompatible with the holiness he conveys to those who belong to Christ. The moving anthropomorphism implicit in “grieve,” combined with the full-length title “the Holy Spirit of God,” serves to underline the gravity of the prohibition.”


— Lucky for each of us, God handles us w/ grace when our actions run loose, our conversations turn sour, our communication skills are not up to par. Let us lead each other to become more like Him who is perfect and is able to perfect all of us who are not.


“Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.” Eph 4:15-16

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