A Different Kind of 4th…


Today is a day of celebration, a day of remembrance, a day of reverence, a day with family, friends, swimming, the lake, laughter, watermelon, grilling out and many other expressions.  However, this July 4th is a little different for my family.  As many of you know my family and I are moving in just two weeks to plant a church in Tallahassee, FL.  We are beyond excited and humbled that God would choose to use us for such a large task.  That being said, as we box up our house on this 4th preparing for the move I can’t help but notice through social media all the celebration going on and I, actually I should say we, long to be a part of those.  Honestly, moving stinks…plain and simple…nothing fun about it.

This is when God gently reminded me:

1.)  There will be other celebrations

2.)  You are celebrating freedom…by being obedient to what I have called you to do.  There is no greater freedom than being in the center of my call for you.

3.)  Freedom is why I have called you to go.  My desire is that you would proclaim my name where I am sending you that others may not only celebrate freedom on one day, or for a short life while on earth, BUT for eternity.

4.)  Nothing worth doing or having in this life does not come without some level of sacrifice.  Do not run or avoid sacrifice, but learn to identify it for what it is and what it is producing.

God is always faithful and He is sufficient.

I will say through this time of work I have been amazed in so many ways by my bride.  She is an amazing, godly woman, who loves the gospel and loves people…but she is also a woman that knows how to work, push through things and get things done.

She has basically boxed our entire home all on her own in a very short period of time.  She amazes me and I do not deserve the amazing woman that she is.  God definitely allowed me to “marry up” as they say.

So, to all of you out there celebrating today, ENJOY, STAY SAFE, REMEMBER today is about freedom but it did not come without a price…AND…some BAIRS will be joining THE PARTY somewhere, NEXT YEAR!!!


#IfTheSonHasSetYouFreeYouAreFreeIndeed  #merica

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