Bair Family Tallahassee Church Planting Announcement


Yesterday we shared with our church family the news that we will be moving to Tallahassee the end of the summer, embarking on the journey of church planting. This is a very exciting, scary, emotional time for us as we step forward in faith, trusting Him.  We are very humbled by God to be considered worthy of such a great call and in many ways feel inadequate.  However, we know and trust that it is not so much “what” we bring to table (as if God needs anything, He is God), but more so our willingness to be obedient and offer ourselves to the Lord, to be used & poured out in any way He desires, to reach those far from Him, for the gospel.

Ocala has been home for us the past 5 years and we have built many life long, kingdom relationships while God has allowed us to serve Him here.  As we continue on this faith journey we will continue to post updates here and on other social media outlets.

Please be praying for us:

  • as we adjust all that we know to His plans
  • as we say goodbye to friends over the next few months
  • the sell of our home
  • the raising of financial support
  • the hearts God is preparing in this new work

5 responses to “Bair Family Tallahassee Church Planting Announcement

  • Kathy Bowen

    I will certainly be praying for your ministry and for your family. Being a PK I know what moves like this mean to families. God is good and will provide.

  • Debbie Curtis

    So happy for your family. You will be missed by many. God has a great plan for you.

  • IsleGO

    Praying as you follow your heart for God and the Church. Find us a place to hunt!

  • Kim Turner

    We will definitely miss you here in Ocala but we will be praying for you as you follow after God’s plan for you and your family!! Thanks for ALL you have taught our kids here:)

  • Babs Friedman

    Praying for y’all always. God is good! U will do amazing works through him and for him. Praise the lord!💗💗 love u all!💗

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