the Not so Social side of social media…(part 3)

disadvantages-of-social-media (1)

Wow… last post… Jan. 9th… guess I took my words to heart (and to be honest was busy and still used other venues, while monitoring their usage).  So, good break, but back to it.

Let’s wrap this up…

Just some quick thoughts on how to use social media effectively.

1.)  Communicate a message

Probably 80%-90% of what I post is to spur on thought or to stretch myself as well as readers.  We all are people that live in routine and in typical, often mundane lives.  I personally need to be pushed and called to come awake/ alive.

What MESSAGE are you communicating?

Also, is what I post about self more than others?  Infatuation w/ self is the greatest risk when strolling through social media land.  Keep it real, keep it focused, keep it about others.

2.)  Share your Life

Now this may sound contradictory to #1, but just read.  Social media is a great way for others to follow what is happening in your life…especially loved ones that don’t live near you.  Post significant occurrences… some may include:  photos of your family, photos of unique places in the world, significant events.

I find that a good general rule of thumb to use is basically use it as if your were making a personal call to someone.  Don’t waste their time.

Also, be careful… in the real world I am careful of who I share my life and my family with.  Use wisdom…especially those with kids.

3.)  Don’t Waste Your Life or Others

Pay attention to what you post and what you spend time reading.  I know many friends/ family that have gotten rid of certain social media outlets, as they know how much time/life it can suck out of them…filling up on…well, nothing.  Everyone hates the “no point” posts (going to the bathroom, I had a bad day, etc etc)

If you need to to post EVERYTHING, then you are probably posting NOTHING.

Resist the temptation and be intentional and thoughtful when you post.  Also, when you browse, look for substance, skip the trash, keep it focused.

We all have the same 24hrs in a day, spend it wisely…a little “virtually”, but most of it in “reality”.

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