Master Plan…

Architect 3

I recently went on vacation w/ my family to what is often referenced as the most happy/magical place on earth…you guessed it Disney World (guess it depends on how you define happy…I consider a trip to the dentist maybe more pleasurable… well, maybe it’s not that bad 🙂 …).  Time w/ the family is always a blessing, but “fast pace, expensive, hot, exhausting, etc”  I think would categorize that place better for me…

However, with all my personal thoughts/ preferences aside there is one thing that is undeniable about a visit to Disney…it SCREAMS “vision” and “master plan”.  I put those terms together because they are dependent on one another and I believe that if you have  the first, you must have the later in order to accomplish it.

To have vision is to see something/ someone the way it/ they could be before it is actual reality.  

A master plan is the process/ steps/ system(s) that enable the vision to be accomplished.

Master plans are not accomplished all at once or in a short period of time.  If they were, then the vision obviously would not be very grand.  They are implemented in incremental steps and each step builds upon the previous moving in the direction of accomplishing the vision.  They are also not able to be accomplished with only a few individuals.  The number of people required in order to accomplish a vision is also an indicator of how large it is.

In addition, master plans are adaptable and should be changed when needs warrant them.

What many of us fail to see however, is that a “vision” is usually built upon previous visions that were not original to us, our generation, or our personal drives.  The current vision that we hold has been built upon some else’s.  This requires humbleness to accept, but also an understanding and embracement of responsibility.

While personal visions are good and I encourage all of us to have them, there is a grander vision I want us to recognize.  As a believer in Christ, God has given us the “ultimate vision, encapsulated within the “Great Commandment” and the “Great Commission”, which is embodied in Christ, original to God, which He is.

The gospel drives, directs, and gives us the “grand vision”, which leads us to love God and love people in order that they may also believe in Christ.

Our personal visions should be built upon the “grand vision”

Here is the tough question: Do we view “our vision” separate from God’s?

They are homogenous if we allow them to be…

What really is key for us that are leaders is how we will flesh out that “grand vision” into our specific spheres of influence and personal visions.

Back to Disney…

As I walked around Disney and thought of vision and master plans, I wondered… would Walt have envisioned all that Disney is now or did he set a vision in motion that could be handed off to another generation that would continue to be accomplished?   The master plan is constantly fluid while being fueled by the solidified clear vision.  I am sure that he envisioned some of the future, but no man can do that completely.

I ask myself, what do I “vision” in order to accomplish “THE vision”?  How will it be acheived?  Who will be needed to achieve it?

What is your vision for your life and what is the master plan in how it will be accomplished?  How does it accomplish the grander vision?  How we answer these questions will determine our course…

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